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A child with special needs is still a child, and, just like all other children, is important and wants to be loved. However, a child or teen with special needs faces more challenges than the usual child or adolescent during the process of growing up. Every special needs child has something unique to offer the world, and learning to treat these children with the compassion and respect they deserve will bring out the best in them.

Recognize Strengths and See Them As Individuals

Like any child, a special needs child has both strengths and weaknesses. As for all children, it is important to emphasize and build upon the strengths of special needs children rather than focusing on their weaknesses. Give special needs children responsibilities and tasks to do that are within the range of their own abilities. This will make them feel that they are contributing to society and that they are needed by other people.

Show Patience When They Are Challenged

Special needs children and teens may not see the world as other children do. What other children accomplish easily may present a great challenge to them. If a special needs child fails to follow instructions that seem simple, find out why. It may be that this child is unable to do what is requested of them, or that they need a more detailed explanation of how it is done. Do not criticize the child. With your behavior and speech, give the child the message that you care about them and their unique challenges, regardless of what they are.

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If you have a child or teen with special needs, call the Valley Socials Program of West San Fernando Valley and West Los Angeles, California to learn more about how to treat your special needs child. We offer education on what kind of treatment helps these children most in their daily lives and are based in West San Fernando Valley and West Los Angeles, also serving Encino, Calabasas, Tarzana, and Sherman Oaks. Call us at (818) 650-0889 and let us answer your questions today.