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All children, whether they are disabled or not, benefit from social activities in which they learn to work as a team with others. However, children and youth with disabilities benefit even more because this encourages them to participate in activities they may otherwise avoid due to their disability. This participation gives them a sense of empowerment and belonging, and it also teaches them that they are important members of society. Besides, it’s fun.

Benefits of Participating in Sports

Participating in sports has many benefits for children and youth with disabilities. When a child’s disability involves difficulty with motor skills, playing a sport can improve these skills and increase the child’s strength. The exercise that comes from playing sports also increases the production of endorphins, or “feel good” hormones. The time that children with disabilities spend participating in sports will also teach them many social skills by giving them practice interacting with others. They can often develop lifelong friendships this way.

Specialized Sports Programs

There are many specialized sports programs that have been developed by parents, teachers, and other community members who want to help children and youth with disabilities. For example, the Miracle League is an organization with over 300 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada that helps youth with disabilities play baseball. The disabled children who come to play baseball in this league are assisted by “buddies,” who are other children from various churches, Boy and Girl Scouts, and others. The Special Olympics is another famous organization that trains disabled children to participate in competitive sports.

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