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Many organizations throughout the U.S. provide services for special needs children. A parent or family of a special needs child can check out the various organizations that exist to determine which ones provide resources that are useful to their unique situation. While some organizations offer financial resources, others offer programs that encourage a special needs child’s education or social participation. Whatever your needs, there is a special needs organization that will help.

Special Needs Education Organizations

Some special needs education organizations are designed to conduct research to learn more about specific disabilities and to provide the latest information. For example, the International Dyslexia Association offers information about dyslexia and the education of those with dyslexia. Other groups, such as Advocating Change Together, offer information about self-advocacy for those with special needs. Some organizations, like Easter Seals, provide special needs screening and assist parents in getting Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).

Special Needs Support Service Organizations

Many special needs organizations have other families with special needs children as their members and provide support and similar services. For example, United Cerebral Palsy offers information about health insurance, housing, and transportation. The Arc is another organization with 600 local, community-based chapters that work with local corporations to help employ and train those with special needs. The Friendship Circle International, a Jewish organization, has volunteers who provide home visits, as well as camp for children with special needs.

Call to Learn More About Organizations for Your Special Needs Child Today

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