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Attention deficit disorder is a condition with two presentations: ADD and ADHD. ADD is used to describe issues with distractibility, poor memory, and inattention. Meanwhile, ADHD describes other symptoms of impulsivity and hyperactivity in students. Both are included in ADHD diagnoses. ADD is used to describe a predominantly inattentive type of ADHD.

Strategies to Help Your Teen

Some simple strategies can make a huge difference. First, a routine and checklist are helpful as it reduces clutter and gives the teen a clear path of what they need to get done. Also, make sure your teen gets enough sleep. The more sleep they get, the easier it is for their brain to focus overall – with or without ADD. Frequent and specific feedback helps too. Praise them and focus on what they’re strong at and not what they struggle with.

While there is no cure for ADD/ADHD, there are treatment options that can help, such as behavioral therapy. Behavioral interventions are used to help these teens manage their symptoms. ADHD schools also can be helpful for those struggling in regular schools, as they have individual education plans and structured routines that help with these students’ needs and learning styles.

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