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A Program That Understands

At Valley Socials we understand individuals with special needs have a desire to be involved in the community with there peers and enjoy an active social life. Our mission is to help many individuals with special needs overcome their social engagement challenges to help them live better and more active social lives.

Our program provides lasting results because we don’t simply work with a participant’s strengths or compensate for a weakness, but we tackle the root cause of the issues by supervising social groups and having them actively participate in social activities. We do this by encouraging proper etiquette and appropriate social interactions in public. We give an individualized curriculum to each participant so they make advances in social skills. The results have been outstanding! Our participants have made significant advances in public social skills, interpersonal skills with peers and navigating the community successfully.

Special Needs Program

Supervised Social Group

Valley Socials is a Non-profit, supervised social group for older teens and adults with special needs to participate in activities and fun outings into the community. Some of the activities that participants can select to join will be miniature golfing, bowling, the beach, movies, hikes, sporting events, restaurants, Universal Studios, museums, and more.

Supervised Social Group
Individuals with special needs can apply and be interviewed for the group. Individuals from the Special Olympics, special church groups, Jewish temples and special groups are some of the candidates who can apply.