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Special needs children are often able to sense that they are somehow “different” from many of the other children they meet. Whether this becomes something painful or something they can work with and see as positive depends a lot on how well they are motivated. Helping special needs children learn that they have much to offer this world and that they are important members of society will go a long way toward motivating them to be the best they can be.

Getting the Child Involved

To prevent a special needs child from becoming overwhelmed by the demands of his or her education, it is essential to get the child involved. Allowing the child to give input as to what their interests are, what they feel they’re good at, and what they hope to achieve from their education will give them a feeling of being in charge. Providing them with positive reinforcement and support will make them feel like their opinions matter. Letting them make decisions will give them with experience in doing this and seeing what the consequences of various decisions are.

Making It All Relevant and Fun

Showing a special needs child that learning can be fun goes a long way towards motivating them. Combining academic tasks with interesting field trips, singing, and drawing can capture a special needs child’s imagination and creativity. This makes them more motivated and eager to learn. Offering praise and rewards for their hard work will also help the child learn that putting in the effort can bring good results.

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