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Local Help for Special Needs Adults and Teens with Down Syndrome

In order to better understand someone with Down’s syndrome, let’s learn a bit about their condition. Down syndrome is a syndrome in which an individual has a full or partial extra copy of their 21st chromosome. This additional genetic material alters how they develop and causes this person to have a small stature, upward slant in their eyes, a deep crease across their palm, and even low muscle tone. One in 700 babies in the United States are born with this syndrome (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

All people with Down syndrome have this extra chromosome. The overall cause is unknown. Some people mention maternal age as the factor linked to having an increased chance of having a child with Down syndrome. The extra genetic material can originate from either the mother or the father of a Downs child. However, 95% of cases have been linked to the mother.

Down Syndrome Teens and Adults in Society

Ultimately, most people with Down syndrome have cognitive delays. This means that they oftentimes struggle to communicate effectively or to interact in normal social situations. This makes the need for public education and acceptance important in and around West San Fernando Valley and West Los Angeles. With the help of Valley Social, we can help make your Down syndrome teen or adult feel welcome in the local community. We also offer awareness programs to local businesses that we later deem special needs friendly and offer a directory of those establishments for your viewing too. Our goal is to make your loved one feel comfortable in public and to live an active social life similar to their mainstream peers.


Pauline's Mission

Get Help for Adults and Kids with Down Syndrome in West San Fernando Valley and West Los Angeles

At Valley Socials, we offer supervised social groups for special needs teens or adults to various places in the city. Whether the movies, beaches, parks, festivals, sporting events, or even Magic Mountain; we offer these supervised events to special needs teens and adults. We also do Universal Studios every month. We encourage them to interact and communicate with those around them and teach them proper behaviors and etiquettes in various social situations. To learn more about the help we can provide your special needs teen and adult and your family overall, call Valley Socials today at (818) 650-0889. We serve individuals and businesses throughout West San Fernando Valley and West Los Angeles, Encino, Calabasas, Tarzana, Sherman Oaks, and other areas within the San Fernando Valley.