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Local Help for Special Needs Adults and Teens with Autism


Autism spectrum disorder refers to many conditions that are characterized by repetitive behaviors, speech, nonverbal communication and social skills. 1 in 59 children are affected by ASD. Many individuals with autism also have sensory issues, meaning that they cannot handle certain sensations, sounds or sights. With the help of Valley Socials, we can offer local help for special needs adults and teens with autism.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Teens and Adults in Society

We specialize in helping families to get the accommodations that their special needs teen needs, like learning independence, and how to act as a consumer in a business. We also can help parents to understand ASD, including the need for less visual support, as it may overstimulate the student. For those that cannot communicate well verbally, their behavior becomes their communication. Our staff at Valley Socials understands how important it is to teach special needs adults and teens how to interact socially. Our supervised groups take them on events with like-minded peers to enjoy an active social life that is protected by our professional staff who knows how to interact with the special needs individuals and the general public. Our goal is to help them to build self-esteem and to reduce the anxiety associated with being in public.

What Our Group Can Do for Your Loved One in West San Fernando Valley and West Los Angeles

At Valley Socials, we offer supervised social groups for special needs teens or adults. We take our group to local festivals, sporting events, beaches, the movies, miniature golf, and much more. Our role is to encourage them to interact and communicate effectively and to teach them proper etiquette and/or behaviors for certain social events. To learn more about the local help for special needs adults and teens with autism, call Valley Socials today at (818) 650-0889. We serve individuals and businesses throughout West San Fernando Valley and West Los Angeles, Encino, Calabasas, Tarzana, Sherman Oaks, among other cities in the San Fernando Valley.