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Finding Accommodations for Adults and Teens with Special Needs

Adults and teens with special needs must sometimes have accommodations in school and also in employment situations. They may be part of a 504 Plan that helps them get the accommodations they need to help them succeed in the learning environment. As they leave the school environment and become adults, they must leave behind the security of the school environment and learn to deal with either college or employment situations that are somewhat different. Finding the needed accommodations in West San Fernando Valley and West Los Angeles, California can make this transition go more smoothly and can give the special needs individual the confidence he or she needs to succeed.

Being Aware of the Needs

The American Disabilities Act states that discrimination is prohibited against people with disabilities or special needs in employment and in public accommodations. This means that, by law, places of employment must provide needed accommodations for those with special needs, such as autism, Down syndrome, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). However, the employer may not be aware of the specific needs of a special needs employee, so it is up to the employee to be aware of his own needs and to make the employer aware also. If the special needs individual learns to do this while in high school, the transition to college or workplace is then made simpler. Having a copy of the required accommodations printed out is a convenient way of making everyone aware of what’s needed.

Actions That May Not Be Helpful

When preparing teens with special needs for entry into the adult world, often parents are tempted to try to do too much for the teens and thus prevent them from developing independence. Understanding that a teen or adult with special needs does not acquire the knowledge of how to perform everyday organizational tasks the way we do is important. They may need help to learn to do the things that we take for granted, like scheduling their classes and assignments or using a smartphone to photograph an assignment board. The educators and employers in the outside world will not have time to help special needs individuals with these things, so a parent, guardian or tutor must do the job. However, it’s also crucial that those with special needs be aware of those needs and not feel ashamed of them. A feeling of shame or that “you don’t belong” can be crippling and can interfere greatly with a special needs individual’s development and confidence. Respectfully include the special needs teen in all conversations with counselors or employers so that he learns to be his own advocate.

Call to Learn More About Finding Accommodations for Special Needs Individuals in West San Fernando Valley and West Los Angeles, California Today

If you have a loved one with special needs who is preparing to transition into a college or employment setting, call to learn more about finding accommodations for special needs individuals in West San Fernando Valley and West Los Angeles, California today. The Valley Socials Program helps create community awareness of the needs of those with autism, Down syndrome or ADHD. Based in West San Fernando Valley and West Los Angeles, we also serve Encino, Calabasas, Tarzana, Sherman Oaks, and other locations in the West San Fernando Valley. Call us at (818) 650-0889 and see how we can help you.