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Students with special needs learn much more effectively in an environment in which accommodations are made to make learning more comfortable for them. Creating a classroom environment that is designed to enhance the learning process for such children will make them benefit more from their education. To effectively accommodate, it is essential to understand the types of learning deficits or disorders that the children in the class may have, such as autism, visual or hearing impairments, or various physical disabilities. Once this is understood, meaningful changes can be made.

Adjusting Seating Arrangements

If a class has members who suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), arranging the classroom seating so that they are near the instructor and away from potential distractions will go a long way in helping them stay with the subject being taught. Children with physical disabilities will benefit from moving classroom furniture so that it’s not in their way when they try to walk through the classroom. Keeping the noise down and the lighting intensity at a comfortable level will also make it easier for special needs children to focus on learning.

Creating a Friendly Classroom Environment

Helping the members of the class connect with one another is an important way to make special needs children feel included in their learning experience. Each child in the classroom should be included in activities, and the instructor should speak to each one during every class session. Offering praise for answering one of the instructor’s questions and allowing special needs children to express themselves in constructive ways will make them feel that the classroom is a friendly place.

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